About us

Our story

Who we are?

NATURAL HEMP HEART produces, packages and distributes hemp products: oil hemp, shelled hemp seeds, hemp flour, detoxifying fiber hemp. Our products are Conventional and Organic.

Where do we come from?

Knowing the benefits of a plant that has been cultivated in the world for over 10,000 years, a plant that does part of the Romanian farming tradition for centuries, the founder of the company, Ioan Sălăvăstru, together with his associates decided in 2016 to build the current factory so that it can offer the market products derived from the best quality hemp. In just two years, the manufacturer is now able to process 1000 tons of products, aiming to reach a constant increase in the following years.

Our vision

We are quality driven!

Our mission

Our mission is to support the environment and to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle based on natural food.

Some product details

Selected and packed products handled with great care for our customers.


through careful selection, seed cleansing and husking, we get a high quality product.


by carefully grinding we optain the production of sativa hemp seeds, we obtain a high quality product, our flour.


through careful selection, cleaning, shelling and milling we get an optimal product for your daily diet and detoxification.

Hemp oil:

through a perfect cold pressing and thanks to the four different filters, we get the purest and healthiest natural hemp seeds oil.


How do we work?

About company


Setting up as farming firm


farming company development


research in the field of hemp


development with new associates


setting up the factory


the start of production


launching on the local market




10 people


5 people


3 companies

Processed tons

420 tons

Processing capacity

1000 tons

Years of experience


Covered countries


420Tone brute
380Tone prelucrate
19Ani de experienta
5Tari acoperite

Certified Quality!

Our products depend on the quality of the raw material that we select directly so that we can guarantee and offer the best products on the table of our customers. Our suppliers, who are our partners, have been chosen on the basis of these principles, and the controlled program allows us to track the product from the field to the customer, checking all the phases of the process.
We make continuous internal controls at the processing stage, the packaging stage, the transport phase, and the finished product. Periodic controls are also carried out by external bodies. The company operates in accordance with the international standards in force, guaranteeing the consumer the maximum safety of the products.